Walk, Ride, and Enjoy Your Swampscott Rail Trail.

Currently open from Bradlee Avenue to the Marblehead town line. Continue on to Marblehead, Salem, and beyond. Our trail is also part of the Border to Boston Trail (NH to Boston) and the East Coast Greenway (Maine to Florida). Check out or maps for a closer look.

Upcoming Events

Bike Donations Accepted
Contact us to  donate your unused bike in rideable condition for our fundraising bike sales.
Used Bike Sale
Sunday, June 12th
10am - 1pm
Town Hall Lawn during the Farmers Market.
See a lists of bikes for sale here.
Rail Trail Info at the Swampscott Farmers Market
Sunday, June 12th
10am - 1pm
Visit our table to view maps and purchase some Rail Trail bike bells and stickers!

Latest News

Project Status

Completed Segment 1 - Beach Bluff to Marblehead Line
Completed Segment 2 - Beach Bluff to Bradlee to Marblehead line
FUNDRAISING - Construction and engineering funds for remaining segments