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There is a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding the creation and funding of the Swampscott Rail Trail.
Below are are answers to the questions we get asked most often. You can also visit our FAQ Page for the entire list of questions and answers related to the Swampscott Rail Trail. Here is what you need to know:

Eminent Domain

Ten Things You Need to Know About Acquisition of the Easement and Eminent Domain

Property Ownership

The only confirmed owners of land within the public utility corridor are National Grid, the Town of Swampscott and a small portion by Tedesco. National Grid alone has been paying taxes on the entire corridor for the past 50+ years. No abutting homeowner has established any legal right or deed to any part of the utility corridor.
See Swampscott resident Ryan Conner’s June 2017 research findings regarding land ownership along the rail/utility corridor.

Cost of the Rail Trail

There are wild claims being circulated about the cost of the Rail Trail being Five Million Dollars! and claims that Your Taxes are Going To Go Up!
These claims are completely false and meant to scare you.
Get the FACTS on the Real Cost of the Rail Trail.


The Swampscott School Committee has unanimously endorsed the funding to create the Rail Trail because it will positively effect our school community by connecting our neighborhoods and providing a safe route to the 3 schools and recreational areas that the trail passes. The Town’s financial condition makes it possible to support both the schools and the Rail Trail. In recent years, Town Meeting has voted to approve significant funding increases for school operational and capital needs. By way of example, the FY2018 town budget approved by Town Meeting last month contains an almost 5% increase to the School Department budget, compared to less than a 2% increase for the Town’s general government budget. Town Meeting also approved significant capital funds to upgrade and maintain our aging school buildings. The School Committee has acknowledged that it is appropriate for the Town to invest only the minimum capital needed to maintain a safe and educationally conducive learning environment for its staff and students – especially as it works with the Town to finalize plans for a new school to replace our extremely old elementary schools.

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