The YES for Swampscott Campaign would like to thank the over 100 Volunteers who selflessly gave their time and talents to advocate for the Swampscott Rail Trail. You are an amazing group of people and it was an honor to work with you toward such a worthy goal for our community. Your hard work has laid the foundation for something positive that will be enjoyed by all for generations to come.

The below letter from volunteer Lisa Barden eloquently conveys the YES campaign’s feelings for all those involved in this positive community endeavor!

Thank You,
Alexis Runstadler
YES for Swampscott Campaign Co-Chair

Thanks to all involved in bringing our town to a GREAT VICTORY yesterday. There are no words to describe the feeling watching those poll numbers roll in, and seeing the joy on the faces of those who worked so hard for this victory. (I truly wish I had the foresight to record Suzanne bursting out of the double doors at First Church skipping across the grass, with her arms waving wildly! It was pure happiness!) From the start this campaign modeled the words of Michelle Obama, “When they go low, we go high,” and our message and our approach was clear, concise, professional and truthful, and never wavered. We all can feel good – REALLY, REALLY GOOD – about this victory because this campaign was one of truth and integrity.

I think we all agree that the YES campaign was unrivaled in it’s coordination and execution right from the beginning. To Alexis and Tara, for all of your expertise and hard work, thanks to both of you (and your families!). We as a group will never be able to repay you for the dedication and sacrifices you made these past few months.

To the people on the ground – the precinct captains, phone callers, emailers, website and video designers, sign deliverers, sign holders, canvassers, FaceBookers, poll watchers, those who lent their homes for meetings and rallies and all the other countless “worker bees” – It took a concerted, tenacious and unrelentless effort from each and every person involved to make this a reality. This is the TRUE meaning of community, a vast and diverse group of people working together for the greater good. Thanks to all of you.

To the Board of Selectmen and Town Moderator, our elected officials who unabashedly and without nearly enough recognition work for the good of our town each and every day, who have taken countless proverbial punches throughout this process with patience, poise, and professionalism, Naomi Dreeben, Peter Spellios, Laura Spathanas, Donald Hause, Patrick Jones and Michael McClung, thanks to all of you.

To the many Swampscott Town committees that also supported us, and lent this cause undeniable and critical credibility. Thanks to all of you.

To our town employees Pete Kane and Sean Fitzgerald, who have fought for this cause and stood tall when others may have given up, who also took their share of proverbial punches, criticism and more with unmatched patience, poise, and professionalism, and worked TIRELESSLY for this cause. The town is a better place for having two such extremely smart, talented and accomplished representatives. Again, words are not enough, but heartfelt thanks to both of you.

But most of all, thanks to Marc Barden, Roger Talkov, and Cynthia Picariello who, in 1999, and later with the addition of Jen Honig, started SPIRIT with this day in mind. Thank you all for working tirelessly for the past 18 years to keep this idea alive and bring us to this day, with a legacy that will live on for generations to come.

Starting today, we all embark on the next phase of this project with relief, and also with unmistakable pride. With a team this great, let’s all agree to reassemble again as the trail is built to ensure that this vision is all we hope and more.

Now everyone take the day off 🙂

Lisa Barden (Worker Bee)